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Low voltage squirrel cage motors

Ever since Easy motor was established, the name of our company has been known for the market breakthrough created with its Marketplace and its experience in electrical machines such as low voltage squirrel cage motors. With an increasing number of electric motors and systems installed around the globe, we at Easy Motor have proved ourselves as professional partners for your national and international projects.

We have the low voltage squirrel cage motor you are looking for

Low voltage three-phase squirrel cage motors are self-starting and require no capacitor, centrifugal switch or other starting devices. Three phase AC induction motors are most widely used in industrial and domestic applications. Squirrel cage motors are extensively used due to their simple design and rugged construction. And, therefore, require low maintenance and are comparatively cheap.

The simple structure of these electric motors results in high toughness and operation using industrial power sources. We supply reliable motors that have a secure, strong construction and an outstanding design for high cooling functionality.

Ease of operation, durability, speed variation, high starting torque give an added advantage for them to be used widely in a lot of applications as well.

Easy Motor now has a reputation for being a customer-centered and competitive company with a special focus on the process and chemical industries, power generation, oil, and gas industry, water management, shipbuilding, and tunnel applications. Especially for these applications, our sellers propose custom products which are designed specifically to drive solutions to comply with the most stringent requirements.

At Easy Motor, our goal is to propose products that meet our highest customer specifications blended with innovative technology and the best possible quality standard. We also at the same time, are fully aware of our responsibility to the environment. We dispense several market leaders electric motors brands by referencing, in this case, their low voltage squirrel cage motors such as NIDEC, SICME, MARELLI, LEROY SOMER...

So why wait? Choose Easy Motor for all your low voltage squirrel cage motor needs.